Saralon is the one-stop shop for printed electronics. This German company provides a range of innovative, smart printing job solutions in sectors like Luxury Packaging, Anti Counterfeiting, Short Run Campaign for consumer engagement, Visual Communication application, Smart or Interactive Labels and POP & POS applications.

SaralLight© window box


SaralLight© PaperBoard technology is for interactive outstanding package applications (e.g. cosmetic package, spirits package, gift boxes). Light emitting packaging for consumer engagement and product differentiation.

SaralLight© Box motion


Sequential lightening illuminated when the flap of the box is opened.

SaralNFC© LightPaper


SaralNFC© technology has many interactive print applications like cards, PrintAds, brochures, mailings, etc. NFC-enabled smartphones trigger illuminating designs on paper and open specific links on their displays, e.g. online stores, surveys or social media profiles.


  • multi-sensory communication
  • measurable and sustainable campaigning
  • connecting offline and online media
  • ultra-thin, flexible, disposable technology
  • NO batteries
  • NO app required
  • paper disposable

SaralLight© Giftbag


SaralLight© technologies for interactive gift bags. Illuminated design to be activated when lifting up the bag. SaralLight© technologies for interactive gift bags for any occasion (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, corporate events, trade shows and many more).

SaralECD© Card


Printed electrochromic displays powered by a Printed Battery and activated by push button. SaralECD – Electrochromic Display technology for interactive print media applications (cards, brochures, PrintAds, cover sheets, books, package, mailings etc.) and product differentiation.

SaralOLED© Paper Sheet motion


Thin paper sheet with illuminated design and/or animations. Light comes from very thin OLEDs powered by a printed battery. Activation options: touch, push, capacitive sensor, etc. Interactive print applications for cards, PrintAds, cover sheets, booklets, brochures, mailings and many more.