Kunal Enterprise has years of experience in the screen printing domain. Screen printing is an essential step in making Multilayer capacitors, we can be your trusted partner in setting up the entire line. We provide the best-in-class Machines, materials, and technological support from across the globe needed to set up the whole MLCC and LTCC manufacturing line.



Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs), are the most produced and used capacitors in electronic equipment and  incorporate approximately one trillion pieces per year.

An MLCC consists of a number of individual capacitors stacked together in parallel and contacted via the terminal surfaces. It works as a 'dam' that temporarily charges and discharges electricity. It regulates the current's flow in a circuit and prevent electromagnetic interference between components. 

Because thickness of single dielectric and number of stacked layers are related with capacity of electricity, technology for thinning single layer and stacking more layers reflect the manufacturer's expertise.




Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology is extremely useful in a diverse range of applications, including high-volume automotive systems. It is becoming the technology of choice for high-frequency RF and microwave applications in the wireless and radar industries.

Passive components can be buried between the LTCC tape layers, minimizing the length of interconnects, improving integration and robustness, and further reducing circuit geometry. This capability is supported by continual substantial investment in fully automated production facilities to maintain the consistent levels of quality demanded by our customer's high reliability requirements.