Cugher was among the first companies in the world to automate the screen printing process on flat glass. For more than 50 years Cugher is offering a wide range of solutions that cover the entire productive process, starting immediately after the cutting and washing of glass sheets, up to the phases preceding tempering and bending processes. Besides printing machines, the company provides to its customers technologically advanced systems for drying and handling glass, such as IR and UV dryers, tilt loading and unloading conveyors, flat and vertical inspection stations, rotating tables, stackers, roller and belt conveyors, corner conveyors, tilting bridge conveyors and booking stations.

Automotive Glass Printing


The automotive division provides silk screen printing lines with a high level of automation, precision and repeatability, for automotive car sets, tempered and laminated

Printer G series & Printer J series:  Both can be connected in line with dryers for curing of the ink, using UV or IR technology, optionally chiller units for low glass exit temperature are available.

The Cugher silk screen printing machines are able to print on symmetrical, asymmetrical, single, double and paired glasses, with standard dimensions up to 2500x4000 mm and thickness varying from 1.4 up to 10 mm.

We have achieved significant performances:

• Productivity Up To 620 Pieces/Hour

• Print Repeatability Precision of +/- 0,08 mm

The Series G DLE(Double Lite Edition) has been engineered with the aim to have the maximum flexibility in a single printing line. On one printing machine is possible to print two small glasses (sidelights or vents) or one single big glass (Backlite, Windshield or Sunroof). Its outstanding centring system is composed by 18 axes that allow to perfectly centre even extremely shaped glasses.

Home Appliance Glass


Mono and multicolour silk screen printing on rigid surfaces, flat glass for special applications, household electrical appliances, cooktops, partition glass for fridge, air conditioner panel, microwave oven, Photovoltaic cells etc.

Fast series: The Fast series is extremely rapid and offers excellent performances with regard to cycle times and production change-over.

LS series: The machine is able to satisfy specific production needs and represents the perfect solution for huge batches and squared/rectangular glasses that have to be printed quickly and precisely.

Architectural glass design


Silk screen printing on glasses for civil and industrial, tempered and laminated.

Sketch series- From small to big glasses with rectangular shape – from 600×550 mm to a maximum of 2700×1600 mm. Movable screen for a personalized print: the image can be printed on different parts of the glass. Completely stand-alone machine and ready for in line operations.

Flexy series- Versatile: small and different lots.Ideal for multiple glasses type: thin, standard, coated, also for polycarbonate.

Solar module glass printing


Photovoltaic Glass is composed of low-iron glass to improve light penetration generally about 91%. Screen printing the white matrix onto PV glass to increase power reflection to generate high efficient conversion of solar radiation into electricity.