Flatbed Screen printing machines, MLCC / LTCC related equipment (laminators, cutting machines, terminator, etc.), transport equipment, automatic production lines, drying furnaces. Microtec is best suited for Printed electronics and Solar cell print applications.

MPV- 8000 Display Solar Cell Print Line


Substrate Material/Type: Silicon Wafer

Substrate size: 166 mm (M6)

Substrate thickness: Min. 100um with mono crystalline wafers and 120um with poly crystelline wafers

Quality of Wafers: Microcracks-free tested

Gross throughput: Max. 8000 cells/hour


MT-320T/ MT-650TV/ MT-1100TVC


This series is has small to large, versatile screen printing machines. By adopting a wedge method (for MT-650/MT1100 series) for driving the table, smooth operation is possible even with a large size.



Model MT-320T MT-650TV MT-1100TVC
Screen size 320mm/380mm 450mm/550mm/550x650mm 950mm~1100mm
Print Area Max. 150x150mm/ 180mmx180mm Max. 250x250mm Max. 550x550mm
Alignment method Manual Camera+Manual Camera+Automatic
Squeegee stroke Max. 280mm Max. 370mm Max. 700mm