From the benchtop sheet-fed printing machine to a complex multi-functional printing and coating system, NSM is developing – based on over 35 years of expertise in printing/coating technology – innovative and customized solutions for laboratories worldwide. The product range also includes innovative, ultra-precise sheet-to-product and R2R printing and coating systems. Industries Served: NSM specializes in serving industries dealing with OLEDs, displays, lighting, solar cells, sensors, batteries, wearables, smart packaging, secure documents, and nanomaterials.

Challenger 173


The challenger 173 is the ideal machine for testing gravure, flexographic, screen and functional inks as well as the printability of various flexible and rigid substrates.

The challenger 173 is a state-of-the-art, high-precision laboratory printing and coating system. This multifunctional desktop printer is specifically designed for the development of printed electronics, printed functional devices, and for conducting ink/substrate testing. It offers exceptional versatility and accuracy in various printing and coating applications.

The explorer 173 is not only available as a complete multifunctional system incl. gravure, flexographic, gravure offset, rotary screen and slot die coating application, but also as a single application e.g. gravure. The machine can be extended at any time with other printing modules. Quick and easy exchange of printing modules.


Explorer 750


Roll-to-Roll printing and coating system for R&D and pilot production

The explorer 750 is a compact, multifunctional and modular system. The printing, coating, laminating and drying modules are enclosed.


Challenger 650


The challenger 650 is a ultra-precision and multi-functional printing and coating system. The unique system is predestined for the development of printed electronics and printed functional devices. The challenger 650 is especially designed to meet and exceed the high technical demands of printed electronics.

Its unique register precision allows printing of multilayers on flexible and rigid substrates with highest accuracy and allows for the design of complex structures.


Challenger 174


The challenger 174 offers multiple printing, laminating and inline drying stations in a high accuracy +/- 10µm.


Testacolor 171


Multifunctional laboratory rotary sheet-fed press.

Advanced printing/coating system enabling accurate single and multilayer printing/coating of functional inks on flexible substrates.

For use in R&D and pilot application in a wide range of industries. Designed to explore various possibilities and combinations of coating and printing in one machine. High precision: Repeat accuracy <20 μm.