We provide the highest quality materials to cater your printing requirements

Doming material


We provide two components: Resin and Hardener which can combined to form Polyurethane system. The main advantage of this material is complete curing in few hours, leaving the end product to be transparent, flexible with auto standard outdoor life of 7 years. Mainly used for white good and industrial labels, Decal coatings and other automotive applications.



Aluminium frames


Kunal Enterprise offers aluminium screen printing frames for semi and fully automatic screen printing machines. Advantage of these frames are: it can be stretched upto 40 N to help more ink deposition to the substrate without any wrapping of frames, while your printer can have smooth operation of printing on machines. 


Lint Free Wipe


Lint Free Wipes are a popular general purpose non-woven wipe comprised of blended cellulose and polyester. They are tough, abrasion resistant, absorbent, and virtually free of particle generation. These features give a high degree of absorbency and effectiveness during the process of general wiping. Wipes made with this fabric are converted in a class 100-10000 cleanroom.

Door Sticky Matt


The Sticky Mats are like the regular door mat except that they are sticky on the top. You don’t have to really remember to wipe your feet off as the mat does all the work for you. These mats are highly regarded in many different industries such as microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, commercial cleaning, food processing and even in the home.





KE 099

24 " X 36 "



Silicon Sticky Roller


Silicon Roller is a self-adhesive anti-static dust removing product. Its surface is smooth like a mirror, with particulate size below 2 micron. It is effectual in adhering to hair, scurf, dust and other impurities and is easy to transfer impurities to sticky paper.


Metallic & Mirror inks


Mirror Effect Ink is achieved by printing on backside of plastic & glass surface. It is solvent based Ink mostly used in:

  • Automobile Decals
  • Label Industry
  • Credit Card
  • SmartPhone Windows

Micro-Tec Squeegee


The squeegee is one of the factors for the best printing. Consistent printing result can only be obtained when the attack angle of the squeegee is precisely controlled. Micro-Squeegee series are made of urethane or silicon rubber and glass epoxy, and it reduces the weight of squeegee head.

Piezoelectric ink


A piezoelectric material can generate a voltage when a mechanical force is applied and can be deformed under an electrical excitation. Our piezoelectric ink can be used to produce sensors and actuators for different applications:

  • Automotive: combustion monitoring, control of rotor or linear elements, ultrasonic welding
  • Consumer electronics: touch pads and tilt sensors of mobile phones, keyboards, printers, speakers, buzzers
  • Medical: ultrasound imaging, ultrasonic procedures, smart catheters
  • Defense: micro robotics

Piezoresistive Ink


Piezoresistive ink shows a strong variation of the electrical resistance upon mechanical deformation, allowing the implementation of force and stress sensors on different types of substrates. Some applications are:

  • Biomedical: Blood pressure measurement, intra cranial pressure monitoring, air monitoring, urinary pressure measurement
  • Automotive: Oil level, gas level, air pressure detection
  • Household Appliances: Sensors for washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners
  • Smart Textile: buttons on clothes
  • Healthcare: measuring pressure and posture movement in shoe soles; measuring pressure applied by endoscopic when introduced in th patient; smart mattress/ yoga matt capable of measuring pressure forces during time
  • Environment: Vibration measuring systems on structures or buildings

Magnetic inks


Our range of magnetic inks are composed by: Ferromagnetic, Magnetoelectric and Superparamagnetic inks. Several types of sensor and actuators can be fabricated with these inks, such as magnetic field and electrical current sensors. Some applications are used in:

  • Medical and Healthcare: magnetic low-field sensors
  • Robotic, Automotive, Electronics, Packaging: magnetic identification tags
  • Learning, Toys and Games: magnetic sensors and actuators

Inks to produce printed batteries


We have specific inks to produce printed lithium ion batteries, such as the anode, the cathode and the electrodes. These inks can be used as:

  • Printed batteries
  • Energy harvesting
  • Green electrodes for batteries